WEBINAR: WebRTC in the VoLTE and OTT era

18 April 2017
On Wednesday May 31th, 2017 Quobis will be speaking about WebRTC for mobile network operators and communication service providers. Register for free below. Mobile Network Operators and MVNOs are being disrupted and going through threats as they are investing a relevant amount of money in network transformation to support VoLTE services while newcomers are conquering traffic just offering advance OTT solutions and telcos are not taking advantage of having control of the access network. Module 1:  Survive to the IP network (VoLTE, RCS, VoWifi)
  • Explore the possibilities to extend service coverage to non-SIM devices and endpoints without a native client
  • Detach the number from the device
  • Leverage WebRTC as just another access to VoLTE/RCS core.
We'll explore how WebRTC-based applications can help MNO to extend the existing services to other devices that are not directly connected to the network (those that lack of a SIM card), but with a similar user interface and behaviour so end users are experimenting the same experience. This module will explore as well how to keep the usage of the telephone number from a telco point of view, giving access to IMS services from different type of devices. Module 2: Customize user experience: OTT services and UC integration
  • Reuse and extend existing telco services for building texting or community-centric services.
  • Telco OTT-like done right
  • Connect and bridge with enterprise directories, UC and CRMs.
Traditional telcos were investing last years to launch their own OTT solutions as a way to compete with newcoming service providers. This module will explore how WebRTC can leverage these strategies using the current assets of the service providers (user authentication, billing, user policies, etc. ) to built a more competitive service. In addition we'll explore how to create OTT solutions for enterprises, fully integrated with their UC architecture. Module 3: Including telco services in business apps and webs
  • Phone number is key part of business and personal identity,
  • API-based call control and service exposure
  • Pre-packaged services for SMEs with low adoption barrier
WebRTC is improving customer care in enterprises, adding a communication layer to communication layer to corporate applications or, using click to call buttons, providing assistance to webs. Telcos can play relevant role in this industry helping companies to integrate these services with their telephone numbers and voice architecture. In this module we'll explore how this is possible and other possibilities for telcos to expose services via APIs
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